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    1. Jiangsu Xingsheng Chemical Co., Ltd.


      Research, Production, Sales, Service

      Comprehensive Chemical Companies

      Jiangsu Xingsheng Chemical Co., Ltd.


      Sales hotline:+86-13901482293 , +86-13862793632 , +86-513-84541589

      EP-1600: Brominated epoxy polymer

      EP-1600 is a high brominated epoxy polymer resin with high flame retardancy. Based on tetrabromobisphenol A epoxy resin polymer, this product has excellent heat resistance, UV resistance and mobility.

      Mainly used in thermoplastic polymer ABS, HIPS.

      Molecular formula C36H32Br8O6
      Molecular Structure
      CAS NO. 68928-70-1
      Physical properties
      Appearance White powder / granules
      Bromine content (Wt%) 49-51%
      Molecular weight 1600
      Specific gravity (g/cm³) 1.8
      Softening point temperature (℃) 95-115
      Weight loss on heat (Wt%)
      10℃/min Air
      1 320℃
      3 336℃
      10 350℃
      Product picture
      Advantages ◇ high heat stability and thermal aging performance
      ◇ Excellent processing performance
      ◇ low precipitation
      ◇ high UV stability
      ◇ low corrosive
      Storage Under normal circumstances, this product owns stable physical and chemical properties, non-volatile. Avoid inhalation, swallow or contact with the skin or eyes when used. Stored in a cool and ventilated place
      Packing 25KG Double-layer kraft paper bag


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