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    1. Jiangsu Xingsheng Chemical Co., Ltd.


      Research, Production, Sales, Service

      Comprehensive Chemical Companies

      Jiangsu Xingsheng Chemical Co., Ltd.

      About us

      Sales hotline:+86-13901482293 , +86-13862793632 , +86-513-84541589

      Jiangsu Xingsheng Chemical Co., Ltd., located in Yangkou Chemical Park in Rudong county of Jiangsu Province, is a synthesis chemical enterprise including scientific search, production, sale and service with more than 240 employees, including over 50 technicians. Now there are 3 series products, fire retardant, coating and resin, and dye and pharmaceutical intermediate. The production capacity of fire retardant is 5000 tons, coating is 6000 tons, resin is 10000 tons and dye and pharmaceutical intermediate is 5000 tons. The annual sales is over 300 million yuan.

      The company mainly produce fire retardant series products, "Jiuhui" coatings and resins, nitrocotton solution, naphthalene series products, 1,3-benzenegiol, etc. Fire retardant series products include brominated epoxy resin, MCA and tri(tribromophenyl) cyanurate. "Jiuhui" coatings include anticorrosive coating, steel drum paint, marine zinc silicate ship primer (DNV certificated), floor paint, high heat paint and coil coating. Resin series products mainly include polyester resin, acrylic resin, alkyd resin, etc. Naphthalene series dye intermediates include K acid, γ acid, G salt, R salt, bronner acid and so on.

      Our company attaches great importance to product R&D. We established long-term cooperative relationship with Shanghai Jiaotong University, Dalian University of Technology, Nantong University, Shenyang Chemical Research Institute and many research institutes. And successfully developed bromine, phosphorus, nitrogen and phosphorus and nitrogen compound series fire retardants, intumescent fire retardant, building panel series coil coating, specialized anticorrosion coating, environmental shop primer marine inorganic zinc silicate shop primer and many new products.

      As a human-oriented company, we lay great stress on the importance of technology and talents. With more and more investments in technology, our business is stepping into a booming stage. Since our foundation in 2002, our products have developed from one series to multiple and from several categories to over 40. The enterprise scale and profit is growing steadily and the capability to fight market risk is strengthened.We also lay great stress on the importance of basic management, and adopt leading management technologies to promote the level of our enterprise. We passed ISO9001 quality system certification and our inorganic zinc silicate coating got the classification society authentication of DNV.

      Upholding the tenet of "quality first, credit paramount" and sticking to the idea of " customer superior", we are looking forward to cooperate with all our customers to create a better future together!

      Jiangsu Xingsheng Chemical Co., Ltd.


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